Terms of Service

By using any services of OpenHallway, LLC, you agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”):

Basic Terms

  1. OpenHallway reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service without notice (we'll do our best to give you plenty of notice).
  2. Any new features that we add or modify are subject to the Terms of Service. If you use our Service, you are consenting to the changes that we make.
  3. If you violate our terms, we can cancel your account at any time.
  4. This Service is for use at your own risk (not that it's like chain smoking or swimming drunk or anything like that, but there are some inherent risks in web app use).


  1. You must be old enough to be on the web to use OpenHallway and purchase our stuff. If you aren't old enough in your state/jurisdiction, you'll need to get a parent's permission or we'll close the account. If you use our system for any child predatory purposes, we'll make sure that we cooperate with authorities to put you in prison for a very long time.
  2. We hate accounts that get created by automated systems. This violates the Terms. We'll shut you down if you do this.
  3. You must provide your actual legal name, a valid email address, and a valid credit card to sign up for the Service.
  4. You agree to keep your password safe, and we're not responsible if you lose it. Please contact us if you need help changing your password if you lose it.
  5. You are responsible for the security of all content in your account.
  6. You may not use the Service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. We're not responsible for your unauthorized activity, and we'll work with authorities if you do bad stuff in our system.

Payments, Refunds, Cancellation, Upgrading/Downgrading

  1. The Service is billed in advance on a monthly basis. We don't pro-rate or do partial payments for upgrades or downgrades. We make it easy to move between plans. If you upgrade your plan, you won't be charged until the next billing date. We don't do refunds if you downgrade your plan. This is software as a service, we don't do refunds if you're not satisfied with the Service.
  2. Our fees do not include any taxes that you may be responsible to pay.We are not responsible to make these payments. You are responsible to the government in which you live to be a good citizen amd pay your taxes if required.
  3. If you downgrade, you may lose content. We'll do our best to warn you that it's going to be deleted, but we can't guarantee it. If you downgrade your storage space, we'll need to delete some stuff. OpenHallway does not accept any liability for loss of your data.


  1. You are responsible to cancel your account before the renewal date. Cancellation can be done on the Plans & Pricing page of the Settings section by clicking the link labeled "cancel your account" at the bottom of the page. Cancellation will result in full deletion of all your data and is not recoverable.
  2. If you cancel, we reserve the right to delete all your stuff.
  3. If you cancel the Service before the end of your current paid up month, you will NOT be charged on the next scheduled billing. Cancellation means we cancel your account immediately and reserve the right to delete your stored videos and content.
  4. OpenHallway has the right to terminate your account or suspend it for any reason. OpenHallway reserves the right to refuse Service to anyone, anytime, at its sole discretion.

Modifications and Pricing

  1. OpenHallway reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Service. This includes modification of features and pricing. We may modify features or pricing without notice.
  2. Prices are always subject to change. We'll definitely do our best to give you lots of notice on pricing changes, but we can't guarantee it.

Copyright and Content Ownership

  1. We claim no intellectual property rights over the material that either you or your Testers provide to the Service. Your scenarios and recordings are yours. OpenHallway reserves the right to log in to your account to view content or to make changes to your account (we do our best to stay out of your stuff, but sometimes we need to get in there).
  2. OpenHallway does not monitor content or recorded tests, but OpenHallway has the right to remove bad content that it becomes aware of.
  3. The brand and all of the elements of the Service is copyright© 2008-2009 OpenHallway. All rights reserved. Please ask us if you want to use our stuff.

Technical Support

  1. We currently provide e-mail support only, and we can't guarantee 24/7 up-time. We're a growing company, so we would appreciate your patience if you experience any down-time. It's always helpful to throw in your phone number on a support request, we're not afraid of picking up the phone to call you. We know it's sometimes a bit of a pain to get things worked out via email, so we'll do our best to provide over-the-top support. You may contact support via email: support at openhallway dot com.


  1. You are responsible for clearly communicating to Testers in your account about how their screen captured video and audio will be used. You are solely responsible for communicating to Testers (that you invite to be recorded), about how their recording will be used, if it will be displayed publicly, and if the Tester's information will be used in any publicly identifiable way. OpenHallway is not responsible for its customers' use of recorded video or for the liability a company takes on by recording personal computer screens.
  2. You agree to use Tester's videos for internal company purposes and feedback ONLY. You are solely responsible for obtaining permission from the Tester to use recorded videos in any public manner or to use personally identifiable information.
  3. You agree to immediately delete captured video of Tester's sensitive or personal information including, but not limited to: credit card and personal bank information, financial data, personal emails, photographs, stored URL's, bookmarks, etc.
  4. OpenHallway is not responsible for misuse of screen captured recordings or for theft of personal information from screen and audio recordings. You agree to handle this information with care and take on all liability for losing it.
  5. OpenHallway will keep your stored videos private behind a customer login screen. You agree to keep your username and password safe.

Other Conditions

  1. We use third party vendors for hosting, conversion of videos, and delivery of content. If third-party providers go down, we go down. You understand that by agreeing to these Terms, OpenHallway is not responsible for any up-time of third party systems it relies on.
  2. Hackers suck, you agree not to hack our stuff. We report hackers to authorities.
  3. Our stuff, look and feel, logos, etc. are copyrighted under U.S. law, you agree not to steal our stuff.
  4. You agree not to abuse our system in any way including using it for purposes other than usability testing. If we find that you are using the Service for uses other than usability testing or abusing bandwidth privileges, we reserve the right to shut down your account. If you exceed 100gb of bandwidth usage per month, we reserve the right to suspend your account.
  5. We are not responsible for direct, indirect, or incidental damages you receive from using our Service.
  6. Even if we don't completely enforce all the rules of these Terms, that doesn't mean that we waive our rights to enforce any of the Terms at any time.
  7. Your use of the Service is at your sole risk. The Service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.
  8. We may contact you from time to time via the email associated with your account about changes to the system as well as promotions that we may offer. We will do our best to act in good faith to comply with all applicable email laws and provide you with a way to opt-out of such messages.
  9. If you have questions about our terms or need some help or support, email us:

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