About OpenHallway

We created OpenHallway because we needed real usability data about our applications. We sat through too many meetings where usability discussions turned into "religious debates" about things like when and where to use a drop down menu. We wanted hard data and real user feedback so we could stop making assumptions based on our own (or our clients') personal web experience.

Traditional usability testing, even bootstrapped usability testing methods such as those described by Steve Krug in Don't Make me Think , still had barriers that prevented us from actually incorporating usability testing into our own development process. We needed a better way to usability test, a way that removed these barriers.

We launched OpenHallway in May 2009. Now we bring data to the conversation. Our users are happier, our clients are happier, we are happier. You might say, OpenHallway is leading the way to world peace, one user at a time.

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If you have questions, feedback, business opportunities, or want to chat about usability, here's how you can get a hold of us.