Simple usability testing.

  1. Create test scenarios.
  2. Record users remotely or locally.
  3. Watch video results… all from your browser.


  • Record users from anywhere - remotely or locally.
  • Share video results with your clients or team members.
  • Completely web-based. No software for you or your test participants to install.
  • Unlimited projects and test scenarios (within your storage limit).

How it works

  1. Create a scenario with your instructions and the website you want to test. Then share the OpenHallway recording link with your participants.
  2. Participants click on the recording link and follow your instructions. Their screen and voice are recorded, and the recording is uploaded to your account.
  3. Watch the recorded session anytime, anywhere.

Partners in Usability

We created OpenHallway to help make the web more usable. The following services use OpenHallway to achieve the same goal.


Trymyui utilizes OpenHallway's API to provide a simple, one-stop usability testing service. Trymyui has gathered and qualified a pool of candidate testers fitting various demographic criteria. The service allows website developers to quickly and easily set up low-cost usability tests for specified use case scenarios and user demographics. The test results, which consist of a narrated video of the user performing the tasks, as well as a written summary responding to various questions, are available in a matter of hours. Trymyui makes usability testing so quick and convenient, there's no excuse to not do it regularly as a part of the development process!


//SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH is a German web agency that delivers high quality usability services and expertise for the successful use of OpenHallway. They have about 60 employees and experience since 1996.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH ist eine deutsche Internet-Agentur, die hochwertige Dienstleistungen und Usability-Erfahrung zur erfolgreichen Anwendung von apenHallway anbietet. Das Unternehmen beschäftigt 60 Mitarbeiter und hat Erfahrung seit 1996.


Ethnio is web-based user research recruitment tool developed by Bolt Peters. You can create a recruiting screener, place one line of JavaScript or a direct link on your site, and then pick which types of people you want to invite to your research.

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